The optical solution with the right touch ZEISS O-INSPECT

The perfect symbiosis of seeing and touching


ZEISS O-INSPECT multi-sensor measuring machines enable to optimally measure each characteristic in compliance with ISO-10360 - optically or by contact.

Your advantages:
  • Large visual field with high image definition
  • Quick and precise 3D tactile measurements
  • Optical measurements for sensitive surfaces
  • Increased reliability in less time
Ampio campo visivo con immagini ad alta definizione

ZEISS Discovery.V12 camera sensor provides variable magnification.  Different sensor options standard 100, scout 160 and scout 240 enable higher resolution for capturing even the smallest details.

Misurazioni tattili 3D rapide e precise

ZEISS VAST XXT opens up high-accuracy scanning by recording a large number of measurement points in a single movement - unique in this equipment category.

Misurazioni ottiche per superfici sensibili

ZEISS DotScan enables the non-contact capture of workpiece topography. Available as an option when you have sensitive, reflective or low-contrast surfaces that make it difficult to use other sensors.

Luce anulare

The ring light is comprised of four rings with sixteen blue and sixteen red LEDs that can be individually controlled in eight segments. Together with the synchronized optic, the color LEDs enable the operator to filter out distracting ambient light and to illuminate e.g. colored materials with a high level of contrast.

Precisione da tutti i lati

The optional rotary table enhances ZEISS O-INSPECT with a programmable rotary axis, enabling the inspection of characteristics from all sides. You have the option of integrating it in a pallet to achieve different positions and shorten the setup time.

Maggiore affidabilità in minor tempo

The integrated pallet system with an interface for automatic temperature capture lets you save time while ensuring greater reliability.

Rapporti professionali e utilizzabili per l'azione

ZEISS PiWeb reporting offers one-click documentation and visualization of your measurement data, giving you useful insights into your parts and processes.

Software su misura per ogni applicazione

ZEISS CALYPSO offers improved visualization options to save you time. CAD models can be displayed superimposed and possible deviations (ACTUAL to TARGET) can be seen quickly. Thanks to a variety of options, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements.

Reduce measurement inaccuracies

Ground vibrations are present at every installation site to varying degrees and can lead to wrong measurement.  This can be remedied with the pneumatic vibration insulation option. The retrofittable pneumatic vibration insulation is available for all three sizes. Essential for applications with the scout 240 sensor option.

Excellent Optics

Large field of view

High image definition

ZEISS Discovery.V12 camera sensor offers a variable degree of magnification. Compared to conventional lenses, it offers a four times larger field of view as well as excellent imaging fidelity even in the peripheral areas. The result: reduced measuring time and maximum accuracy.
The two new sensor options, scout 160 and scout 240, enable even higher optical resolution. The use of the alternative sensor units enables 1.6 or 2.4 times the optical resolution of the standard 100 variant.

Optimal contrast

ZEISS O-INSPECT illumination system

A high-contrast image is necessary for precise results. ZEISS O-INSPECT features a highly versatile illumination system for this purpose. Extremely different shapes, textures and surface colors can be illuminated so that different angles of incidence can be realized, clearly accentuating edges.

Multisensor Technology

Tactile Measurement

The right choice where very high accuracies are required. Tactile probes like ZEISS VAST XXT scan the component's surface point by point. It also adds scanning functionality, thus providing information on the form of the features.

Optical Measurement

ZEISS Discovery.V12 zoom lens provides a large, distortion-free field of view for measuring results with excellent accuracy and a significant reduction in measuring time.

White light

ZEISS DotScan a chromatic white light sensor enables the non-contact capture of workpiece topography. Used when sensitive, reflective or low-contrast surfaces make it difficult to use other optical sensors.


One piece of software for all measuring jobs

ZEISS O-INSPECT doesn’t skimp on when it comes to software, because with ZEISS CALYPSO you use our universal measuring software that is also used on portal measuring machines such as ZEISS CONTURA.

ZEISS CALYPSO impresses with its intuitive operating concept that combines functional diversity and flexibility. Programming is performed by clicking on the desired measuring elements on the CAD model with the mouse or even more simply by probing, regardless of the sensor, and automatic measuring element recognition.

Various software options offer the right tools for special requirements, such as the standard curve functionality of the O-INSPECT or the integrated measurement report software tool ZEISS PiWeb reporting.


The multi-sensor family ZEISS O-INSPECT delivers reliable 3D accuracy compliant with ISO standards at a temperature range of 18-30°C


300x200x200 mm³


500x400x300 mm³


800x600x300 mm³

Dati tecnici di ZEISS O-INSPECT






Measuring volume


300 x 200 x 200 mm3

500 x 400 x 300 mm3

800 x 600 x 300 mm3

Length measurement error MPE(E)

in 1D

1.6 µm + L/200 µm

1.4 µm + L/250 µm

1.5 µm + L/250 µm


in 2D

1.9 µm + L/150 µm

1.6 µm + L/250 µm

1.8 µm + L/250 µm

in 3D

2.4 µm + L/150 µm

1.9 µm + L/250 µm

2.2 µm + L/250 µm





2D optical camera sensor


ZEISS Discovery.V12



standard 100

working distance 87 mm, 0.5 x - 6.3 x, sensor resolution 0.9 μm, FoV max.: 16,1 mm x 12,0 mm

scout 160

working distance 55 mm, 0.8 x - 10 x, sensor resolution 0.6 μm, FoV max.: 10,1 mm x 7,5 mm

scout 240

working distance 30 mm, 1.2x - 15 x, sensor resolution 0.4 μm, FoV max.: 6,7 mm x 5,0 mm

Tactile sensor





radial stylus length up to 40 mm (star stylus); stylus tip diameter of 0.1 to 8 mm


radial stylus length up to 65 mm (star stylus); stylus tip diameter of 0.3 to 8 mm

Room to Breathe

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