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Like a glove that fits a hand perfectly, ZEISS software is optimized for every ZEISS hardware to deliver accuracy and high productivity.

With a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you and your company can benefit from additional services that unlock the maximum performance from your ZEISS systems and help avoid machine downtime.

Explore all the advantages of a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement, from free participation in exclusive events to privileged access to our global network of experts - and much more.

Services for your specific needs

Exclusive and comprehensive

A ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement ensures you and your company an always using software that reflects the latest state of the art in software development as well as ZEISS’s latest application know-how.

01 | Annual software updates

Fast and empowering

Reliable, annual software updates are the basis for any high-quality software maintenance agreement. But as a ZEISS customer, you get more than once-a-year updates. A ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement includes additional smaller updates throughout the year - not only service and bug patches but other improvements that will enable you to further improve your processes and performance in the quality control.

Regardless of whether your IT department decides to update to the next software version now or later - with a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement you know that the software updates you do get always reflect ZEISS’s latest application knowhow and the latest state of the art in software development.

02 | Preferred Support

Customized and comprehensive

ZEISS customers with a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement have access to the complete universe of knowledge and know-how at ZEISS.

Do You have a question about your software? Your first contact is always the Software Support Hotline in your country. For more advanced trouble-shooting or configurations, our regional or global experts will assist you. Furthermore, as a ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement customer, we will priorities the answer for your request.

But preferred support goes further than solving your technical issues. Our experts and application specialists stand ready to advise you on any other issues you might have - anytime. For example, they can advise you on how to use your combination of ZEISS software and hardware in the most optimal way to do your measurements, or simply act as a sounding board if you need a second opinion on your ideas. In every case, our goal is to contribute to you and your company’s success.

03 | Exclusive Events

Digital and personal
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A ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement gives you free access to the annual ZEISS Digital Customer Days. Quality managers and metrologists can benefit from the opportunity to learn about new software functions of various ZEISS software products online or even in face-to-face. Therefore, the event series encompass of three event formats:

  • Interactive Webinars: Get online information about new features of various ZEISS software products to increase your productivity in long term - around the clock and from anywhere.
  • Live Online Training: Improve your metrology knowledge. Save time and travel costs and get a ZEISS ACADEMY METROLOGY trainer on the topics of the Digital Customer Days online directly at your workplace via the internet.
  • Local Events: Do you prefer personal contact with our ZEISS experts to exchange information about the latest software features? Then our personal events are the right platform for you.

Please note that the Exclusive Event concept is not available in all regions, and we do not offer the same event concept around the global.

Your advantage

High performance with plannable cost

Regular software updates are the prerequisite for future-proof processes. ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement guarantee long-term quality and brings many further advantages:

  • Always up to date with the latest metrology software for highest productivity
  • Time savings thanks to plannable and predictable upgrade installations
  • Continuous integration of software upgrades into production processes (operating system, CAD, …)
  • Cost savings thanks to plannable and predictable annual costs for upgrades
  • Increased IT security through current versions
  • Transferability of licenses due to identical versions

Available for the following ZEISS Software

ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement is available for all ZEISS Software products that are continuously developed. This also includes all additional software options of the software products listed below.


Universal Software for Dimensional Metrology Applications


ZEISS GEAR PRO ZEISS CALYPSO software module for gear metrology


Metrology software for freeform surfaces


Scalable IT solution for quality data management


Software for reverse engineering and tool correction

Latest standards for more performance
and high productivity

Thanks to annual releases

Benefit continuously from the latest software functions. We will show you the advantages by using the example of the software products ZEISS CALYPSO and ZEISS PiWeb.

ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 Release

The many new functions and further developments in the ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 software provide substantial improvements in performance for measuring and testing components. Companies can increase their productivity above all through automation - and ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 makes a significant contribution to this.

  • Significantly reduce the time needed to program and measure components with around 1,000 measurement elements
  • Increase overall efficiency by centrally defining measurement strategies
  • Advanced search function makes programming easier
  • Optimized CAD programming allows measurement elements to be created more quickly
  • Simplified, robust edge curve measurement

ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 Release

With the ZEISS CALYPSO 2021 software release, ZEISS is once again ensuring, with more than 60 new functions, a significant increase in performance in quality control for further time and cost savings in the inspection and analysis of components. Above all, optimizations for automation play a major role in the new software version.

  • New ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning option for dynamic adaptation of the measurement scope.
  • A multitude of programming optimizations ensures significant time savings
  • 20 times faster results thanks to improved free-form and point set calculations
  • Measurement time optimization of up to 270 % for optical measurements with ZEISS O-INSPECT

ZEISS PiWeb 7.6 Release

This ZEISS PiWeb update delivered significant performance improvements and new features for a wide variety of applications. Updates improve operational simplicity, IT security and cater to individual customer needs.

  • ZEISS PiWeb notifications for active notifications based on user-defined rules
  • ZEISS PiWeb App for a quick access to the quality data
  • ZEISS PiWeb inline correlation
  • ZEISS PiWeb Cloud opens up new possibilities for purchasing, configuring and managing subscriptions

ZEISS PiWeb 8.0 Release

The ZEISS PiWeb 8.0 software update offers a wide range of new features, improvements and additional customizable options, thereby facilitating easier and more efficient measurement processes.

  • Licence-free ZEISS PiWeb monitor functionality
  • Interactive CAD tools
  • Grouped display & filtering of measurement data
  • Improvements for ZEISS PiWeb notifications for easier configuration
  • Improved performance for loading reports

Performance Upgrade for your CMM

ZEISS Retrofit

In addition to the continuous software upgrade with ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement, ZEISS also offers its customers the opportunity to improve the performance of their aging CMMs. Thanks to ZEISS Retrofit, a hardware upgrade is possible to. Next to updating the metrology software, the all-round renovation, including replacement of device controls, cabling and drive units play an important role in bringing your ZEISS measurement device state of the art.

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