Interactive navigation through quality data

Interactive reports with ZEISS PiWeb

In standard reports it’s often hard to find the results you really need. With ZEISS PiWeb you get interactive reports that make finding the relevant information intuitive and easy.

Drill-down reports: getting all the details

From the big picture to the details and everything in between, linked reports can break down your quality data to the smallest detail. Users can really “drill down” their data - from high-level production KPIs to single measurement values to quickly identify problem areas.

Statistic dashboards

Save time by creating generic reports that can be applied to several or even all parts in your production process. For example, create a statistic dashboard with all your relevant statistical analyses and simply select the part and data you want to evaluate to speed up your evaluation process even more.

Interactive CAD

With ZEISS PiWeb, you can directly integrate CAD models into a report so that users can quickly connect quality results to their parts. And they are interactive, too.

Interactive reports in production

Often quality management and production are two different worlds. Help connect them with interactive reports. You can create reports that give operators in production a clear overview of quality results by integrating ballooned drawings with measurement results.

Inizia subito a lavorare con le soluzioni flessibili di ZEISS PiWeb

Configura ZEISS PiWeb in base alle tue esigenze, in funzione delle tue applicazioni e delle tue sfide.

Soluzione di rete

ZEISS PiWeb, la soluzione per le piccole imprese

La soluzione on-premise basata sulla rete per le piccole imprese.

I vantaggi:

  • Gestione centrale del database
  • Inserimento manuale dei dati, calibri manuali e caricamento da dispositivi di terze parti
  • Accesso a un'ampia libreria di report standard
  • Facile espansione verso una soluzione aziendale o cloud
Soluzione di rete

ZEISS PiWeb enterprise

La soluzione on-premise basata sulla rete per grandi aziende o imprese con esigenze di personalizzazione.

I vantaggi:

  • Archiviazione illimitata
  • Configurazione personalizzata ad hoc
  • Accesso a notifiche automatiche integrate
  • Accesso globale alla soluzione di rete tramite licenze mobili

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