Powerful and easy data analysis with ZEISS PiWeb

Identify problems even quicker

More than just a reporting tool: With ZEISS PiWeb, you can analyze your data quickly and easily, helping you solve problems before you start producing bad parts. A powerful engineering tool without the need of being a software expert.

Easily group data

ZEISS PiWeb allows you to group data based on available quality data characteristics in no time. Quick analysis for quick decisions: For example, you can compare the quality between different suppliers or compare the quality between mold cavities.

Quickly sort data

The sorting function helps you to effortlessly prepare results exactly how you want them. The possibilities are limitless, but as an example, you can sort a single measuring result via tolerance to show characteristics that need the most attention first or sort multiple results by an attribute like lot number.

Dynamically filter data

Interpreting mountains of data requires efficient filtering. With ZEISS PiWeb, users can apply multiple filters to answer ever-changing questions that arise in production, such as: What does the quality look like at machining center 1? How was the quality yesterday during the night shift? Easily answer these questions with ZEISS PiWeb!

Active quality notifications

Get informed automatically via email or a desktop client when parts or characteristics are trending out of tolerance. An integrated event handler actively compares incoming quality data against defined rules and automatically informs the responsible person.

Inizia subito a lavorare con le soluzioni flessibili di ZEISS PiWeb

Configura ZEISS PiWeb in base alle tue esigenze, in funzione delle tue applicazioni e delle tue sfide.

Soluzione di rete

ZEISS PiWeb, la soluzione per le piccole imprese

La soluzione on-premise basata sulla rete per le piccole imprese.

I vantaggi:

  • Gestione centrale del database
  • Inserimento manuale dei dati, calibri manuali e caricamento da dispositivi di terze parti
  • Accesso a un'ampia libreria di report standard
  • Facile espansione verso una soluzione aziendale o cloud
Soluzione di rete

ZEISS PiWeb enterprise

La soluzione on-premise basata sulla rete per grandi aziende o imprese con esigenze di personalizzazione.

I vantaggi:

  • Archiviazione illimitata
  • Configurazione personalizzata ad hoc
  • Accesso a notifiche automatiche integrate
  • Accesso globale alla soluzione di rete tramite licenze mobili

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