5 Smart Tools to Control your Plastic Parts

Learn about powerful features of software when working with plastic parts. 3D data - mostly generated with a CT or an optical 3D sensor - can solve major manufacturing challenges, from tool correction to series inspection. Optimize your first article inspection with GD&T analyses. Find out how easy statistical process control can be. Experience a new software feature that automatically compensates warpage for you.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • Discover Digital Assembly, GD&T analysis, PMI import, and trend analyses for single or multi part tools and more
  • New feature: De-warp - measure your part without a fixture
  • Meet our experts in a live Q&A session

Discover more about metrology

Virtual compensation of warpage on plastic parts

With De-Warp, you can measure your parts in a virtually clamped state and thus save time and costs.

The De-Warp software package contains powerful algorithms for virtual compensation of warpage and shrinkage. This makes it possible for the first time to realize over-constrained datum conditions without using mechanical fixtures.