ZEISS Soluzioni metrologiche per l'industria automobilistica

Garanzia di qualità lungo tutto il processo di generazione del prodotto

Già nello sviluppo del prodotto, i dati di misura ZEISS forniscono informazioni significative sulle proprietà dei materiali e sul comportamento dei componenti. I dati risultanti hanno un impatto sullo sviluppo del prototipo e sulla costruzione. Durante la produzione, i sistemi di misura ZEISS rilevano completamente la geometria di utensili, pezzi fusi, parti in plastica e parti in lamiera, al fine di garantire una qualità costantemente elevata. L'ispezione può essere eseguita in linea, at-line e offline.
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Customers that use ZEISS Measuring Technology

A New Lease on Life

Tire retreading company checks the quality of tire casings with ZEISS INTACT technology

Precise every hour

Manufacturer of casting tools uses ZEISS COMET for quality assurance

Systematic Quality Assurance

Schaeffler relies on ZEISS measurement technology in production

Leading the Way with Measuring Technology

ZEISS is helping Xusheng successfully switch industries

Quality and process stability with the ZEISS METROTOM.

To ensure its manufacturing processes remain competitive in the future, a decision was made at company headquarters i...

No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

WITTENSTEIN monitors the measuring room temperature with ZEISS TEMPAR

No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

WITTENSTEIN monitors the measuring room temperature with ZEISS TEMPAR

Do you trust your measuring results?

Management at ZF Friedrichshafen puts their trust in ongoing AUKOM Management training programs.

The Race Is Already Underway

Since 2012 ZEISS has been taking over the measuring tasks for the Audi motorsport team

ZEISS Software as the Key to Success

ODW-ELEKTRIK was so impressed by ZEISS NEO software that they decided to purchase a ZEISS CT scanner.

"We Must Never Stand Still"

Trainings from ZEISS Ensure the Measuring Process at ZF

An Impressive One-Stop Shop

Automated inspection of automotive components with the ZEISS AIBox at Gestamp

Diamonds Are a Quality Manager's Best Friend

Pankl Racing System increases precision and reduces downtime thanks to diamond probes

Quality Is Everything

New Volkswagen production facility performs in-line inspections with the ZEISS AIMax

Pole Position for Quality

Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH relies on ZEISS measurement technology for the production of high-precision special parts...

ZEISS ACCURA reduces measuring time

ZEISS ACCURA reduces measurement times at automotive supplier

Even the Machines Are Flexible

Volkswagen accelerates quality inspection in engine production

A Total System Solution

Automotive supplier IAC relies on Carl Zeiss for measuring technology and documentation

Less Consumption, More power

High demands on the measuring equipment and operators

A Race Against Time

Motorsport supplier reduces measuring time on the production line.