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Walk the line for car body construction: new inline & atline solutions

More than a robot. It‘s a Hambot.
The new multisensor CMM

  • More than a robot - The Hambot
  • Possibilities and potential with ZEISS Hambot
  • Differentiation and potential of the different measuring systems

More productivity and efficiency in automotive engineering through the use of in-line measurement technology
ZEISS Car Body Solutions

  • Fields of application for ZEISS in-line measurement technology along the process chain from the press shop to final vehicle assembly
  • Objective testing technology for high-quality surfaces in automotive production
  • New possibilities and potential with the new correlation-free ZEISS AICell trace
  • Process transparency by recording gap & flush in the line as a basis for the Smart Factory


Enter the new dimension of X-Ray

How you can measure plastic parts quickly and accurately with CT

  • Discover the advantages and possibilities of CT technology to perform exact and fast measurements and inspections
  • See how it works in a live demo in the GOM Inspect software
  • Find out more about the X-ray solutions from ZEISS to improve the quality of your plastic parts and to accelerate your quality assurance processes.

Systems & Solutions

Metrology Systems

How to solve quality assurance challenges

  • Overview of the most common quality assurance challenges companies are facing nowadays
  • Find out which solutions are there for these type of challenges
  • How to select the most suitable technology for your quality assurance challenge

When precision matters the most: PRISMO Family

  • Presentation of all the latest innovations in the ZEISS PRISMO world
  • Differentiation of the different ZEISS PRISMO models
  • Presentation of the different options as a complete solution

Automation solutions for your CMM with examples, benefits and added value

  • ZEISS solutions for automation including examples in the field
  • Get the most out of your CMM! Benefits and added value of automation
  • Figures, data, facts - why an investment also pays off financially

Surface and Form Calibration and Verification 
Tune Up Your Gage for Reliable and Accurate Results

  • Surface, profilometer, contour gage and form roundness gage overviews
  • What does a service calibration entail? What aspects are considered?
  • Importance of stylus qualifications and tool tip geometry

Process optimization with focus on 3D Digitization
Plastic production

  • Applications of ZEISS solutions in the plastics production process
  • Get to know ZEISS 3D Scanning and software solutions
  • Tool correction with ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING
  • Customer success stories

Maximum Flexibility with mass

  • From MPS to mass - the origin of flexibility
  • Which sensor is right for me - insight into the great variance of sensors
  • Sensor change made easy - in a few steps from optics to active scanning technology

EDM & ZEISS – Why CMMs improve your productivity

  • Easy measurement with ZEISS CALYPSO preset
  • Integrating this solution into your production environment
  • Benefits when using ZEISS EDM solution - incl. ROI calculation

Gear Metrology
Comparison of different metrology systems

  • Get to know different measuring systems for gear metrology
  • Comparison of the measuring systems in terms of measuring time and accuracy
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages using practical examples

Automate your hand-tool work with a Large Field of View Digital Profile Projector

  • Significantly increase productivity in any Quality Lab or even right at the machining center
  • Remove the subjectivity that traditionally accompanies hand tools
  • With automated data logging and statistical process control reports, you can now peer into your process capability

Plug-n-Play CMM Sensors Meet Today's Measurement Challenges

  • Four types of CMM-based sensors, their applications and what makes each sensor work
  • Increasing productivity with alternative multi-sensor measurements
  • Selecting the right sensor for your measurement application

ZEISS X-Ray Series

10 reasons why you should x-ray your parts

  • Discover the benefits of x-ray technology
  • Find out how the technology helps you safe time and money in your quality assurance
  • Get to know ZEISS X-Ray Series

How to reduce scrap in foundries
Focus on light metal castings

  • Learn how you can optimize production parameters early to reduce scrap
  • Get to know possible defects in light metal casting and their causes
  • Gain insight into simple defect cause analyses along the production chain
  • Discover 3D Digitizing and X-Ray technologies that support you hereby

Problem Solving Using Computertomography Scanning Technology

  • Learn the basics of CT scanning and get an understanding of how a scan is performed
  • Understand the different types of CT scan inspection analyses, like part-to-part, porosity and wall thickness
  • See how STL creation is done through reverse engineering

Industrial Microscopy Solutions

Electron microscopy for industrial applications
Easier than expected

  • Introduction to industrial defect analysis with electron microscope
  • Securing throughput with increasing analysis quality through networked microscopy
  • Use of electron microscopes also for non-experts through efficient and user-friendly software SmartSEM Touch
  • Quantitative material analysis using an EDX system

Closing the Gap, Automation of Quality Inspection in the Manufacturing Process

  • Customized solutions for specific jobs to be done
  • Easy to use user interface: ZEISS’ industry standard ZEN Core software
  • Fast implementation of solutions: weeks rather than months


ZEISS Original Accessories as Productivity Enabler in the ideal measuring room

  • Overview of relevant norms and standards
  • Challenges and Trends
  • Presentation of various ZEISS Accessories solutions for increased productivity in the measuring process


Application Software

Surface Reconstruction and Tool Correction
Optimize your processes using ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING

  • Live Demonstration of our solutions
  • Surface Reconstruction
  • Tool Correction

Quality Intelligence Software

PiWeb - Quality Data Management Solutions by ZEISS

  • Learn how easy it is to build graphical part stories and custom dashboards
  • Powerful data mining tools that make it possible to sort and filter data sets
  • A simple interface that allows anyone to view detailed reports on demand to improve part quality

Services & Support

ZEISS Academy Metrology

Online Campus
The digital learning offer of the ZEISS ACADEMY METROLOGY

  • Which learning format suits you best
  • Which courses on metrological fundamentals, software functions and specific technologies are already available to you today
  • Ad how easy they are to find

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