ZEISS #measuringhero Award

Winner of the Category: Globalization

Fabiano Burzlaff Berta is one of the two winners in the category “Globalization”. Of all the places listed, his hometown Porto Alegre in Brazil had the farthest distance to our ZEISS headquarters in Oberkochen at 10,664 km. He worked for the company Nexteer Industria e Comercio de Sistemas Automotivos Ltda. and has more than 23 years of experience with ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

Fabiano Burzlaff Berta

  • Company: Nexteer Industria e Comercio de Sistemas Automotivos Ltda.
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Country: Brazil
  • My passion for quality assurance: I believe that quality is always on my side. ZEISS CMM technologies also fascinate me.
  • Favorite ZEISS product: ZEISS PRISMO & ZEISS VAST Navigator Technology
  • Why ZEISS: The first company I started working for had a ZEISS C700 and I was always curious and impressed when I saw a CMM measure parts.
  • Your message to the global #measuringhero community out there: A big hug to my ZEISS #measuringhero friends. Once able to meet in person, I look forward to meeting them at the next ZEISS event.

With 23 years in metrology, surely you have gained a lot of experience. How did you get into measurement technology?

I started my metrology career in 1997 measuring with a ZEISS C700 CMM bridge-type and with ZEISS UMESS 300 and ZEISS KUM 300 software. Three years later, in 2000, I was part of the ZEISS UMESS 300 retrofit to ZEISS UMESS UX and in 2005, another retrofit to ZEISS CALYPSO. I have already measured with different types of ZEISS CMMs: ZEISS C700, ZEISS CONTURA, ZEISS DuraMax, ZEISS ScanMax, ZEISS PRISMO 7 and Navigator with rotary table.

Through my participation in the ZEISS Industrial Improvement Program in 2005 in Oberkochen, Germany, my passion and fascination for ZEISS technologies grew even more. In celebration of 100 years of ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, I participated in a competition and won the four commemorative plates.
While participating in the ZEISS #measuringhero Award in 2020, I won in the "Globalization" category and I was able to achieve second place in the "Education" category with 31 ZEISS certificates.

On LinkedIn, I follow ZEISS on all channels (news, webinar, technologies). In addition, I have voluntarily founded a WhatsApp user group on the subject of measuring with ZEISS CALYPSO and I am the administrator for this. Here I provide support in case of problems for ZEISS CALYPSO and issues in connection with CMMs.
I know many people in the CMM area and also many technicians at ZEISS. At the company where I currently work, I am a reference and I also support the programming for the metrology of the Moroccan plant.

What are your daily challenges in metrology?

My challenge is to create CMM programs for new parts to ensure repeatability and measurement accuracy. I have to manage daily CMM time and availability for scheduling, equipment measurements, and part measurements for production.
I keep measurement programs up to date per drawing revisions, as well as measurement and fixturing instructions for each program, and check backup points to ensure they are never missed.

What role does metrology play in your company?

Measurement technology plays a very important role here in the company because it is indispensable for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Accordingly, a good metrological process means that the industry appreciates the quality of the products and consequently views the market in a discerning manner.