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Fall Rocks 2021

Webinar Recordings
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Broaden your knowledge
Enhance your microscopy workflow using artificial intelligence
450 kV CT unleashed - new possibilities for battery module inspection
Fast & efficient defect inspection in aircraft MRO
Bring individual and industrial designs to life with optical 3D metrology solutions
Additive Manufacturing: Reduce time from powder to component using a holistic quality assurance process
Create better data for turbine blade manufacturing processes

Spring Rocks 2021

Rock 1
Discover the new level of simplicity in CT technology
Rock 2
Unleash hidden efficiencies in manufacturing processes
Rock 3
Quality Assurance for Medical Standards
Rock 4
Make it happen with #HandsOnMetrology
Rock 5
Your digital access to all things metrology

Spring and Fall Rocks 2020

Rock 1

Walk the line for car body construction: new inline & atline solutions

Rock 2

Enter the new dimension of X-Ray

Rock 3

Connect to productivity from the cloud

Rock 4

Become a #measuringhero!
Anytime. Anywhere.

Rock 5

Capture quality from a fresh point of view:
ZEISS Optical Series

Rock 6

Rethink. Reimagine.
Reinventing optical inspection & technical cleanliness

Rock 7

Discover the ins & outs:
Defect detection you can trust

Rock 8

Connect back to the future of productivity:
Retrofit and software solutions

Rock 9

From energy to eMotion:
ZEISS eMobility Solutions

Rock 10

Grasp the new world of #HandsOnMetrology