Customer Stories

Get to know in detail how ZEISS Systems help their users to tackle their metrology challenges and bring their production quality to a next level.


A New Lease on Life

Tire retreading company checks the quality of tire casings with ZEISS INTACT technology

Precise every hour

Manufacturer of casting tools uses ZEISS COMET for quality assurance

Leading the Way with Measuring Technology

ZEISS is helping Xusheng successfully switch industries

Qualità e stabilità dei processi con ZEISS METROTOM.

Per garantire la competitività dei suoi processi anche in futuro, la sede centrale dell'azienda a Kirchdorf, in Austr...

No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

WITTENSTEIN monitors the measuring room temperature with ZEISS TEMPAR

No room for environmental temperature fluctuations

WITTENSTEIN monitors the measuring room temperature with ZEISS TEMPAR

Do you trust your measuring results?

Management at ZF Friedrichshafen puts their trust in ongoing AUKOM Management training programs.

The Race Is Already Underway

Since 2012 ZEISS has been taking over the measuring tasks for the Audi motorsport team

ZEISS Software as the Key to Success

ODW-ELEKTRIK was so impressed by ZEISS NEO software that they decided to purchase a ZEISS CT scanner.

"We Must Never Stand Still"

Trainings from ZEISS Ensure the Measuring Process at ZF

Diamonds Are a Quality Manager's Best Friend

Pankl Racing System increases precision and reduces downtime thanks to diamond probes

Quality Is Everything

New Volkswagen production facility performs in-line inspections with the ZEISS AIMax

Pole Position for Quality

Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH relies on ZEISS measurement technology for the production of high-precision special parts...

ZEISS ACCURA reduces measuring time

ZEISS ACCURA reduces measurement times at automotive supplier

Even the Machines Are Flexible

Volkswagen accelerates quality inspection in engine production

A Total System Solution

Automotive supplier IAC relies on Carl Zeiss for measuring technology and documentation

Less Consumption, More power

High demands on the measuring equipment and operators

A Race Against Time

Motorsport supplier reduces measuring time on the production line.

For perfect Gap and Joints

ZEISS T-SCAN Laser Scanner captures highly precise Data at BMW

Precise Process Control

Bosch Automotive Steering is speeding up tool development with the high-precision laser scanner LineScan from ZEISS


Better Than Gold

Stylus setup devices shorten set-up time and prevent shaft errors

Millions of Steps Accross

Coordinate measuring machines guarantee the quality of high-tech prosthetics

Ensuring that a Propeller Keeps a Heart Beating

Multi-sensor measuring machine ensures the quality of a mini-propeller that makes the heart beat

Reliable X-ray Diagnosis

Agfa HealthCare measures optical disks 10 times faster than before thanks to ZEISS ACCURA measuring machine


ZEISS Technology Supports Mars Rover Project

ZEISS CMM helps Andrew Tool to win order for Mars Science Lab

Quality Assurance Brings New Confidence

Jamco Aerospace increases quality and reduces measurement time


Precision for Guaranteed Stability

PERI checks key components for formwork and scaffolding systems with ZEISS COMET and ZEISS T-SCAN

Miglioramento di velocità e qualità e fidelizzazione dei dipendenti

Landolt ispeziona i pezzi consegnati prima dell'assemblaggio ed effettua operazioni di reverse engineering con ZEISS ...

3D data opens door to New Knowledge

University Würzburg uses a ZEISS COMET to document and evaluate archeological finds at excavation sites

140 years of experience in using water

Franke Water Systems KWC ensures their top quality with the handheld laser scanner ZEISS T-SCAN

For Good Measure

ZEISS measuring machines ensure the precision of inspection equipment

Opening Doors

Wide range of services and close at hand convinced dormakaba

A 'Cutting Edge' Decision

Toolmaker Sandvik Coromant measures with full diamond probes for error-free measurement resultss

Software Increases Process Reliability

Metabo reduces sources of error with ZEISS PiWeb

Digitizing Cast Parts with Laser Scanners

VULKAN measures coupling parts with ZEISS optical measuring system

Una partenza alla grande

Controllo di qualità nella produzione di prototipi e serie limitate con la macchina di misura high-end ZEISS

Cable Car Extremes

Doppelmayr relies on ZEISS portal measuring machine for quality assurance

When Every Little Bit Counts

Henschel ensures the quality of heavy gear housings with measuring technology from ZEISS

From Testing to Knowing

Increasing the quality and ensuring the energy efficiency of compressors

Going into Production

Multi-sensor measuring machine accelerate the initial sample inspection at KRAMSKI

Forging Success

Measuring time reduction of complex aluminium parts thanks to ZEISS measuring machine

A Passion for Precision

ZEISS trains its people to ensure they’re well-equipped to meet the growing needs in quality assurance

Precision Wins Out

Feinwerkbau simplifies quality assurance thanks to ZEISS

Il segreto per un olio eccellente? Le centrifughe

Rese elevate e impareggiabili grazie alla precisione garantita da ZEISS ACCURA

High-precision layer work

MBFZ toolcraft GmbH uses ZEISS 3D ManuFACT for holistic quality control in additive manufacturing


Precision in plastics

ZEISS solutions ensure the quality of injection molded parts

The Foundation for Innovation? Perfect 3D Models

JP3D TecVision checks 3D-printed parts using the ZEISS COMET

Always Several Steps Ahead

Injection mold manufacturer accelerate correction process with ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING

Room to Breath

Tactile, optical and white light sensors ensure double precision and shorter measuring times

Computed Tomography Makes Behavior of Silicone Visible

Injection molding specialist starlim//sterner uses computer tomograph from ZEISS for the development

The Unique Packing Proposition

The guarantee for customers the best packaging solution every time