No Time to Lose

Advancing eMobility with the high-precision ZEISS PRISMO ultra

How MAPAL succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • High-precision measurement results
  • Faster to your destination

Years of trust in ZEISS products

These days, the employees from the development department at MAPAL Dr. Kress KG generally know within an hour if new tools will offer the right level of precision. Instead of having to wait days for a service provider to deliver the measurement results, the company started performing on-site measurements at the beginning of 2018. With the high-precision coordinate measuring machine ZEISS PRISMO ultra, MAPAL inspects the workpieces machined with the new tools it manufactures. The benefit for customers is clear: they receive the measuring results they need more quickly, enabling a faster launch of innovative tool solutions for areas like eMobility.

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ZEISS PRISMO ultra in use at MAPAL Dr. Kess KG