Precise process control and faster tool development To reduce iteration loops during tool development, Bosch Automotive Steering works with the LineScan and ACCURA laser scanners from ZEISS.
How Bosch Automotive Steering succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
ZEISS LineScan
  • Reduction of iteration loops
  • Optimization of Tool Correction process

ZEISS Laser Scanner speeds up tool development

Analysts assume that, in the future, car makers will have to overhaul their range of models annually to integrate the latest hardware and software. This will require suppliers like Bosch to develop and manufacture innovations with even greater speed and efficiency. In order to reduce the iterative loops in tool development for the production of racks at the company’s facility in the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd, several months ago the site’s technology department started working with the latest laser scanner from ZEISS specially designed for measuring machines with multisensor capabilities.

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