ZEISS PhotoFusion

The self-tinting lenses that react fast to changing light.

PhotoFusion was created by ZEISS experts to meet consumer expectations on self-tinting lenses that darken and clear again faster*. The introduction of PhotoFusion in 2011 has triggered a revival in the self-tinting market for these kinds of lenses.

A state-of-the-art technology for strong performance

Fast dark. Fast clear.

PhotoFusion lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditions. The high- and mid-index lenses react up to 2 times faster* from dark to clear and up to 20% faster* from clear to dark than previous photochromic lenses by ZEISS.

  • Lenses darken to 15 %T** in 15–30 seconds*
  • Lenses fade back to 70 % T** in 5–10 minutes*

Comfortable Vision.

Indoors the PhotoFusion lenses are very clear whereas outside they turn very dark in the sunlight.

  • Clear state: 92% T**
  • dark state: 11% T**

T = transmission based on AR coated lenses.
* Source: Global consumer study for Carl Zeiss Vision International July 2010, based on national representative samples in US, Brazil, Germany, Italy, UK, Australia and China.
** Average performance for 1.67, 1.6 and polycarbonate self-tinting lenses. Performance will vary according to material, temperature and light conditions.

The benefits for the wearer

  • Convenience
    PhotoFusion lenses adapt to changing light fast for greater comfort in everyday use.
  • Comfortable vision
    PhotoFusion lenses are very clear indoors yet turn very dark outside in sunlight to provide excellent vision at all times.
  • Protection
    PhotoFusion lenses provide 100 % protection against harmful solar UV rays.
  • Durability
    PhotoFusion lenses retain their self-tinting performance for a long time.
  • Colour consistency
    PhotoFusion lenses show excellent colour consistency for an attractive appearance in any lens state.

Product Availability

  Clear Tinted PhotoFusion Transitions® Polarised

Plastic 1.74   





Plastic 1.67

Plastic 1.6 

Plastic 1.5




Variable fitting height Recommended & standard fitting height


14 – 20 mm

18 mm

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