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A guest event of NanoInnovation 2023

Workshop on Imaging and Nano fabrication in Research for Electronics related Components

September 18th, 2023 | Sapienza Università di Roma

Co-organizers: ZEISS Microscopy, RAITH, Sapienza Università di Roma
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Abstract and Program

Innovative research using nanofabrication plays crucial role in advancing manufacturing of new components for microelectronics and in development of novel devices based on nanostructures, nanophotonics or complex semiconductor integrated systems. Importantly, high-quality high-resolution imaging gives insights in the development process at each of the many steps to guide the researchers towards achieving their final goals. The aim of the workshop is to highlight progress in research and technology related to microelectronics and novel structures where imaging and nanofabrication are indispensable methods steering the applications of variety of novel advanced devices.


  • FE-SEM imaging and related techniques for electronics
  • FIB-SEM workflows for electronics
  • e-beam and i-beam nanolithography
  • Microelectronics
  • Integrated nanophotonics
  • Single electronics
  • Quantum information science
  • Semiconductor Nanostructures for novel devices in electronics
  • Inspection and failure analysis in electronics
  • Nanoprobing
  • Semiconductor lasers, optical interconnects



Monday, September 18th 2023






Antonio d'Alessandro, Director of CNIS, Sapienza University of Rome
Giulio Lamedica, ZEISS
Vittorio Morandi, Coordinator of the PNRR-RI project iENTRANCE@ENL, CNR


Crossbeam-laser and Gemini imaging for semiconductor materials

Kirill Atlasov, ZEISS Microscopy


Lithography and characterization of nanostructures by scanning electron microscopy based techniques

Pasqualantonio Pingue, NEST. Pisa


The Prober Shuttle - a dedicated platform for performing nanoprobing tasks at low beam voltages addressing recent, current, and future technology nodes

Andrew Smith, Kleindiek




Applications of advanced nanofabrication utilizing electron, ion and laser beams

Frank Nouvertne, Raith GmbH


Raith tools for nanofabrication

Andreas Remscheid, Raith GmbH


Multispecies FIB patterning: from nanometric prototypes to single defects in solids

Damiano Giubertoni, FBK, Trento


Coffee Break


Electron beam lithography: A versatile tool for research and industrial applications

Annamaria Gerardino, CNR-IFN, Rome


Design and nanofabrication techniques for micro-lenses

Filippo Romanato, University of Padua, Padua


Investigating the local properties of optoelectronic devices using Electron Microscopy and related techniques

Giorgio Divitini, IIT, Genoa


Open discussion and closing remarks


Get together (fingerfood and drinks)

Workshop in Collaboration with

Location details

Sapienza Università di Roma, Via Eudossiana 18, Cloister Room

Sapienza Università di Roma Via Eudossiana 18 00184 Rome Italy

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