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R&D 100 Award 2013 for ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1

R&D 100 Award 2013 for ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1

Research & Development award goes to ZEISS once more

JENA/Germany, 5 August 2013

Lightsheet Z.1 from ZEISS is one of the winners of the 51st R&D 100 Award. An independent jury and the publisher of the R&D Magazine recognize and celebrate the top 100 technology products every year. The official award ceremony will take place on 7 November in Orlando, Florida, as part of a gala event.

As its name suggests, the Lightsheet Z.1 fluorescence microscope system operates with a light sheet – an expanded light beam that penetrates the specimen from the side. The resulting low exposure to light and the integrated incubation enable researchers to gain new insights into processes in living samples. On large objects, in particular, such as fruit fly or zebrafish embryos, the light sheet microscope allows scientists to follow the development of organisms in 3D over several days and therefore obtain more information. This is a major benefit over other established fluorescence microscopy techniques. "The system allows to examine samples under natural physiological conditions for the first time," says Product Manager Dr. Olaf Selchow. Depending on the application, Lightsheet Z.1 offers flexible imaging strategies – from fast time series to Multiview image stacks. "The system hasn't even been on the market for a year now and we have already received two awards and triggered a high level of interest in the research community," says Product Manager
Dr. Annette Bergter.

The R&D 100 Awards celebrate the year's top technology products in the fields of new materials, chemical research, biomedical products and high-energy physics. The winners come from the areas of industry, science, private research institutes and government laboratories. Since 2002, the ZEISS Microscopy business group has won one of the renowned awards every year.