The budget-friendly clamping device for your inspection process: quick, reliable and cost-effective


The Simple Fixture System for Small to Mid-Sized Parts

The simplified, straightforward ZEISS CARFIT lite system offers all the benefits of the standard CARFIT range for creating fixture setups whenever and wherever no complex fixtures are required.


The benefits at a glance

With ZEISS CARFIT lite, ZEISS is responding to a request received from many customers for a straightforward and efficient component fixture system well-suited for optical measurements. Thanks to its simplified and standardized modular system architecture, ZEISS CARFIT lite makes it possible to assemble customized fixtures for small to mid-sized parts more quickly when performing optical inspections. With the development of this solution, which has already been tested by major automobile manufacturers, ZEISS is expanding its portfolio by adding a fixture system that enables significant cost savings.

  • Joining technology
  • 100% standardization > 95% can be retooled
  • Shorter assembly times > faster delivery at lower costs

Optimized Connection Elements Lower Costs

With ZEISS CARFIT lite, users can cut the time they spend assembling fixture systems in half. This greater speed is then reflected in both lower costs and shorter delivery times. Special connection solutions enable increased efficiency. What’s more, far fewer screws are needed to secure the individual parts. It makes operators’ work easier and speeds up fixture assembly.

Standardization for Multiple Uses

Thanks to the modular, standardized system architecture, elements that have already been assembled can be reused without any difficulty. This retooling is not only environmentally friendly, it also lowers costs. Moreover, ZEISS CARFIT lite is compatible with other ZEISS systems so that the customer can combine new components with old ones.

Fewer Parts Means Lower Costs

There is no need for complex measuring fixtures when performing optical measurements. Instead, a simple setup ensures the components remain in place. ZEISS CARFIT lite makes it possible to construct this fixture system from just a few components. Since an external adjustment device has been developed for this system, there is no longer any need to add 3D elements at each clamping point to accommodate the deviations that occur when setting up fixtures. This ensures the necessary precision of plus/minus 0.05 mm without having to charge customers for additional parts.