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Stazione di misura CNC per la misurazione di superfici e contorni

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Exact, universal and dynamic – SURFCOM 5000 is the flagship for contour and surface measuring technology from Carl Zeiss and is the benchmark for accuracy and speed. SURFCOM 5000 measures surface parameters and contours in one step, which considerably increases the measuring productivity compared to conventional systems.

SURFCOM 5000 flexes its muscles where accuracy and throughput are vital: in the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries. For example, it is ideal for lenses, precise bearings and drive spindles, as well as precise milled, ground and lapped parts.


  • Extremely stable and highly accurate measuring results ensured by resolution of 0.31 nanometers. The resolving power of the SURFCOM 5000 is higher than conventional systems by a factor of five
  • Patented laser interferometer as measuring system for maximum accuracy. X measuring error: 0.2 + L/1000 μm
  • Extremely good ratio of measuring range to resolution enables measurement in one run of the slightest surface roughness and contours over a very large measuring range
  • More throughput thanks to extensive automation possibilities
  • Higher flexibility for slanted features through CNC swivel tracing driver, ±45 degree swivel range and 200 mm tracing driver
  • Long penetration depth for measurement of deep features
  • Easy automatic measurement thanks to cylindrical stylus-and-arm system
  • Easy diameter or wall thickness measurement with T stylus
  • More exact and universal thanks to outstanding ratio of the measuring range to resolution: 42 million to 1

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